Welcome to Floor No. 8 in Oak Hall, NJIT!

Welcome to Floor No 8

There are now 960 (!) Photos on this website!!!

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Pictures Part 1
Pictures Part 2
Pictures Part 3
Pictures Part 4(Michaels Birthday-Party)
Pictures Part 5(BBQ at Svens)
Pictures Part 6 (Jins B'Day and IceCream)
Pictures Part 7 (Susis B'Day I)
Pictures Part 8 (Susis B'Day II)
Pictures Part 9 (Halloween)
Pictures Part 10 (NY Knicks Game)
Pictures Part 11 (NY Marathon)
Pictures Part 12 (Some Beers)
Broken Jaw
Sober Pictures
Thanksgiving@Steve I
MOMA Pictures
Pictures you should not see
Disgusting facts from 800
Christmas dinner
Kaveh drunk
NY Skyline
NJ Nets

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